Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hitomi Aizawa

Hitomi Aizawa started out as race queen, but being as well-endowed as she is, it wouldn’t be long before people demanded her to be photographed. And in 2005 and 2006, Ms. Aizawa got busy and released seven DVDs and two photobooks.

Name: Hitomi Aizawa
Birth Date: August 22, 1982
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Vital Stat: 37-24-36
Height: 161cm
Blood Type: O
Shoe Size: 24cm
Ethnicity: Japanese

She is a gravure idol/model who graced on the cover of Japanese men magazines. Her best assets are her well endow breast. Hitomi Aizawa produced many photobooks and DVDs. Make sure to support her and buy her products.


henry J said...

Hitomi Aizawa very very sexy.

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self defense Rob said...

Hitomi is amazing, as is this entire blog. Thumbs up!

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Hitomi Aizawa is really hot!

Smart Parenting said...

I like Hitomi Aizawa so much!

The Beatles said...

I love this girl.

SEO Contest said...

Hitomi Aizawa is one of the popular girl in Asia that's why people (especially men) likes her.

desertboa said...

Asian girls are really hot.

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desertboa said...

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