Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nadia Saphira

Nadia Saphira is a well known actress in Indonesia. This kawaii girl was born in Jakarta, October 20, 1987. Nadia is a registered student in Pelita Harapan University. According to her, she want to get marry and have her own family by the age of 25.

When I first saw the photo this lovely Indonesia in the web, I though she is Janica Garcia of Philippines the daughter of Jean Garcia.

But be careful on searching her photos on the internet. You might be hitting a virus named "Nadia Saphira".
Its a virus that named after her. It will create a folder on your local disk named "Nadia Saphira". And if you try to delete it, it will come back for a few seconds.

Name: Nadia Saphira
Birth Date: 20 October 1987
Birth Place: Jakarta, Indonesia
Nationality: Indonesian
Ethnicity: Indonesian
Profession: Actress, Model

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