Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ariel Lin

This kawaii beauty Ariel Lin from Taiwan was first discovered in the Taiwanese variety show Guess and was the champion of the pretty subway girl contest in the show.
Ariel Lin is already 27 years old, though she still look 10 years younger. What a youthful beauty.

Name: Ariel Lin, Lin Yi Chen (Lam Yi San)
Birth Date: October 29, 1982
Birth Place: Taipei, Taiwan
Nationality: Taiwanese
Height: 160cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type: A
Star Sign: Scorpio
Profession: Actress and singer
Ethnicity: Taiwanese


Timothy Dumont Jr. said...

She's cute.

self defense Rob said...

Not as hot as Hitomi Aizawa, but very nice all the same.

desertboa said...

@Timothy, yeah she's really cute.

@Rob, may be she does not have big cup as Hitomi Aizawa. But there's something on her...